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Proudly Serving Customers in Grimsby and the Surrounding Areas

Dedicated team of tyre fitters based in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire

Whatever type of vehicle you have, our tyre specialists in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, are here to offer you a helping hand. Providing free impartial advice as tyre fitters, we assist you in choosing the best tyres for your vehicle as well as advising on wheel alignment. As honest professionals, we always let you know if there are any miles left on your tyres. Simply give our friendly team a call today, as we feel strongly that it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to cars.

Free wheel alignment check

Tyres are probably one of the most important safety factors when it comes to maintaining your car so at Tyre Stop we offer a FREE wheel alignment check to all our customers. This is using our state-of-the-art laser alignment system.

“We often see irregular wear patterns on tyres. This is most commonly caused by wheel misalignment. Your car may drive normally and you may not notice the effect that speed bumps or driving up kerbs has on your car. Give us a call to arrange a free check.” 

Manager Niel added:  

“You can get around 20,000 miles out of a good tyre that is kept at the right pressure and taken care of. With only 4 patches of rubber - each about the size of your hand - keeping you on the road, it's not best practice to rely on your MOT for spotting problems with your tyres.”

Free visual health check

At Tyre Stop, our fitters have the necessary skills to carefully check your tyres and make sure that they are in good condition.

  • Tyre Condition
  • Lights
  • Wipers
  • Disc Brakes and Suspension

When the only thing between your vehicle and the road is the tyres, it is vital that they are in good condition, well maintained, and correctly inflated so you and your family can feel safe in your car. When it comes down to it, four patches of rubber the size of your hand are keeping your car on the road, so it is essential to have the right tyres.

Caring and professional service

At Tyre Stop, our specialists in North East Lincolnshire have the required skills to carefully check your tyres and make sure that they are in good condition. Our team examine the following:

  • Depth of Tread
  • Uniformity of wear
  • Tyre pressures
  • Signs of ageing
  • Inner wall damage
  • Overall condition

Suitable replacements

If we feel your tyres need replacing we will suggest suitable options at competitive prices. As seasons change, the requirements of your tyres change so it is recommended that you get your tyres checked regularly by tyre specialists. This will help ensure that your vehicle is not only safe, but also legal.

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Contact our skilled tyre fitters in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, for a variety of services including tyre checks and wheel alignment.